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Historic Carbondale Plaque Program

As part of its effort to heighten awareness of historic residential buildings in Carbondale, the Town of Carbondale Historic Preservation Commission embarked on a recognition program in 2022 resulting in informational signs being installed at nine properties throughout the downtown area.  We are excited that these property owners have chosen to acknowledge the special place these homes have in our community. John_Kim_Eric Historic Sign


2022 Plaque Program Participants
2023 Plaque Program Participants

You can also read about it in the Sopris Sun:

Carbondale residents mark their historic homes

If you are interested in displaying a historic plaque, please fill out and submit the following form:

Plaque Program Application

Carbondale Historic Walking Tours

TheClio.com is a nonprofit organization with a website and mobile application developed in order to host location-specific information about history, art, science and culture.  TheClio is free for everyone and is staffed by a team of volunteer editors; you can find out more about Clio here:


The Carbondale Historic Architecture Tour, hosted by TheClio.com, was developed by Kim Magee and John Williams and is narrated by Kim Magee; the current tour covers 43 residential Structures of Merit.  The mobile application can be downloaded from the internet, or you can click on the following link:


For a shorter walking tour experience, the Carbondale Historic Architecture Tour has been broken into three parts including:

Northwest of downtown

The greater Sopris Park area

and South of downtown
A walking tour focused on Carbondale's historic downtown area has also been developed:

Carbondale's Historic Commercial Core Walking Tour

If you prefer to explore on your own, here is a Walking Tour .pdf:

Historic Carbondale Walking Tour

Dinkel Building Remodel Project 2023

The Dinkel Building was recorded as a Structure of Merit in 2006 and it is a key component of Carbondale’s Historic Commercial Core zone district. The building was built in three phases: the corner building was built in 1892, the central section was built in 1908, and the one-story portion was built in 1913. The current renovation is focused on the 1892 and 1908 buildings including façade restoration and remodeling of the second level tenant suites to bring the building into compliance with current building and accessibility codes.  Exterior work will incorporate window replacement that will serve to protect the historic masonry, restoration of the original horizontal signage and banding, and new building awnings.  The current owners of the building recognize its historical significance as an anchor to Carbondale’s Main Street and they are committed to caring for it appropriately. dinkel - 1920s (002)

Dinkel Building Remodel Project 2023

Carbondale Structures of Merit

The Town of Carbondale historic preservation ordinance was adopted in 2007 after an extended public process.  The ordinance created the Carbondale Historic Preservation Commission (CHPC) and describes the criteria for designation, the effects of designation and the process by which buildings may be designated.  Any property owner in Carbondale may apply for designation of their property as a Local Landmark.  The criteria for designation as described in the ordinance must be met to obtain Local Landmark status.  Once designated as a Local Landmark, the property owner may take advantage of any incentives or benefits that are available for the preservation and/or rehabilitation of their property. 

One of the cornerstones of a preservation program is the survey.  The survey is designed to gather the information that provides the baseline for understanding the historic context of Carbondale and the significance of each building included in the survey.  The Town has conducted surveys in 2006,  2010 and 2017 that included buildings in both the downtown and surrounding residential areas.  A survey is an information gathering process only that includes research on the original ownership, an architectural description and photographs after which they are couched in Carbondale's historical context -- which allows the community to understand the buildings both from a stylistic and historical background.  The survey makes recommendations relating to a building’s significance and integrity, but it does not designate a building in any way; all materials generated by a survey project are available to the public.
14 1904 464 S 3rd

The following documents include the results of the three surveys:

Town of Carbondale Structures of Merit List
Carbondale 2005/2006 Structures of Merit Survey and Site Forms
Carbondale 2010 Structures of Merit Survey Report and Site Forms
Carbondale 2016 Structures of Merit Survey Report and Site Forms

If you are interested in nominating a historic building as a local landmark, please submit the following application:

Historic Preservation Commission Local Landmark Brochure
Town of Carbondale Local Landmark Application

Here is the ordinance that established the Carbondale Historic Preservation Commission and sets forth the criteria for designation, the effects of designation, and the process by which buildings may be designated:

Chapter 16 Article 2 of the Carbondale Municipal Code Establishing the Historic Preservation Commission 

Carbondale Historic Preservation Commission Members 
Eric Doud, Chair
Kim Magee, Vice-Chair
Jess Pedersen, Member
John Williams, Member
Heather MacDonald, Member
Mark Mahoney, Member
Vacant, Member
Vacant, Alternate
Kae McDonald, Planning Technician
Ellie Peterson, Planner
Jared Barnes, Planning Director

If you have questions, please email kmcdonald@carbondaleco.net or call 970-510-1248