Historic Preservation

The Carbondale Historic Preservation Commission will adopt criteria for review of historic resources and for review of proposals to alter, demolish or move designated resources.

Review resources nominated for designation as either an historic landmark and recommend that the Board of Trustees designate by ordinance those resources qualifying for such designation.

Review and make decisions on any application for alterations to a designated historic landmark.

Review and make decisions on any application for moving or demolishing a historic landmark.

Provide a courtesy review of new structures, alterations or relocations in the historic downtown area.

Review alteration, demolition or relocation requests for buildings that are at least fifty years old.

Advise and assist owners of historic properties on physical and financial aspects of preservation, renovation, rehabilitation, and reuse, including nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

Develop and assist in public education programs including, but not limited to, walking tours, brochures, a marker program for historic properties, lectures and conferences.

Conduct surveys of historic areas for the purpose of defining those of historic significance, and prioritizing the importance of identified historic areas.

Advise the Board of Trustees on matters related to preserving the historic character of the Town.

Actively pursue financial assistance for preservation-related programs.

Determine whether an economic hardship exists in order to allow an exemption from the certificate requirements.

Actively encourage Carbondale landowners to preserve and protect sites, structures and building elements that have potential historic value.

Commission Members 

Ashley Hall, Member
Carol Klein, Member
James Schumacher, Member
Matt Annabel, Member 
Nick Miscione, Chairperson and Planning & Zoning Representative 
John Leybourne, Town Staff Liaison

If you have questions about  the Agendas or Minutes, please contact Angie Sprang at asprang@carbondaleco.net

Carbondale Historic Survey 2010
Carbondale 2005/2006 Historic Survey Report (Note: Large document, slow to load)
Historic fire map of Carbondale from 1900 fire map
Historic fire map of Carbondale from 1907 Fire map
Historic fire map of Carbondale from 1912 Fire map of Carbondale from 1912
Historic Carbondale Bike Tour May 1, 2013 May 1, 2013 Historic Carbondale Bike Tour