The Waste Water Department is responsible for ensuring the proper treatment of waste water prior to its release to the river, this includes storm water and drainage.  Waste Water Treatment is provided with the collection system (sewers) and an aerobic process in the wastewater treatment plant.  The treatment of wastewater consists of separating the solid material in the waste stream from the community and concentrating the solids for ultimate disposal to landfill application, agricultural soil enhancement and compost.  The clarified water after solids separation, is disinfected, and returned to the Roaring Fork River. 

The department is responsible for providing the collection and treatment of the sewage from town residents.  Staff monitors and maintains the wastewater treatment plant, approximately 22 miles of pipeline, and a storm water collection system system.

  • The collection system is all gravity flow into the Wastewater treatment facility.
  • The storm water system through town consists of a series of dry wells which have a solids separation system as part of the design.  These collectors are     maintained by cleaning the debris in the dry wells with a vacuum truck. 
  • The sewer lines are maintained and cleaned with a hydraulic jet system which dislodges and pushes solids downstream toward the treatment plant.
  • The sewer lines are also inspected with a pipeline video surveillance system and recorded for future maintenance needs.