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May 14, 2019
For immediate release
Comment deadline extended on Carbondale Crystal River Restoration Project

The Town of Carbondale and partners Aspen Valley Land Trust, Roaring Fork Conservancy, and American Rivers have decided to extend the public comment period for the Crystal River Restoration and Weaver Ditch Enhancement project. The public comment period originally ran from April 24th to May 10th. It has been extended to Friday, May 24th.

The decision to extend the comment period was based on a number of factors. “It’s a large project site with multiple overlapping considerations throughout,” said Jay Harrington, Carbondale Town Manager. “We want to make sure everyone has had a chance to digest all the information and weigh in,” he said.

The project partners worked with local firms River Restoration and DHM Design to draw up two alternative conceptual masterplans for the Crystal River and adjacent town owned Riverfront Park. The project site is located along the one-half mile section of the Crystal River between the Carbondale Fish Hatchery and Crystal Bridge Drive (RVR Southbridge).

The two conceptual alternatives, designated “Level 1” and “Level 2,” are both intended to mesh with the existing passive use and wildland nature of the park. The main difference is that the Level 2 concept simply brings more improvements than the Level 1 concept, whether they be restoration and habitat related improvements, or a more formalized and accessible user experience. “The key thing we want people to understand is that it’s ok to mix and match elements between the two concepts,” said Heather Lewin, Director of Watershed Science and Policy at the Roaring Fork Conservancy. “Maybe an individual would like to see Level 2 habitat restoration with a Level 1 user experience. That’s the sort of detail that’s most useful to the team directing the project,” said Lewin.

There have been some questions and misconceptions about the project. “In the couple of weeks since we rolled out the concepts, residents have expressed a fair number of questions,” said Matt Annabel, Communications and Outreach Director with Aspen Valley Land Trust. As a result, the project partners have added a Frequently Asked Questions section to the project website, both to clarify some questions and provide some critical context. “We want to get those questions answered so folks can be a bit more specific in their comments about what they’d like the project to accomplish,” said Annabel.

Anyone interested in learning more and commenting on the project can do so at In addition to the new FAQ section, the website’s short survey and comments section has been updated with more specific questions. The project team encourages feedback from anyone, whether they have previously commented on the project or not.

For more information, please contact:
Jay Harrington
Town Manager
Town of Carbondale
(970) 510-1207

Matt Annabel
Communications & Outreach Director
Aspen Valley Land Trust
(970) 963-8440

Heather Tattersall Lewin
Watershed Action Director
Roaring Fork Conservancy
(970) 927-1290

Ken Neubecker
Colorado Projects Director
American Rivers
(970) 230-9300