Plastics PlanThe Town of Carbondale invites you to participate in forming the Carbondale Plastics Plan, a new initiative investigating short-term and long-term strategies to reduce single-use plastics in the Town. See below for ways you can get involved.


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  • First Fridays: March 6
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  • Host a meeting with the project team and your organization to share your unique insights
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Single-use plastics (SUPs) are disposable plastic products that are designed to be used once then discarded either into recycling or trash.

 This process is about Carbondale and how we can bring less single-use plastic into our community. This initiative will explore solutions and options with the community’s input to develop a recommended strategy that will be realistic, implementable and workable on the local level.

Plastics Plan Why

With insights and feedback from the Carbondale community, residents and businesses, the Town of Carbondale and the Plastics Plan project team will:
Plastics Plan Public Process Steps

 For more information, contact the Plastics Plan project team at or (970) 510-6544.