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  • The Carbondale Public Arts Commission will evaluate sites within the Town of Carbondale appropriate for public art.
  • To promote local artist's work.
  • To recommend to the Board of Trustees the purchase or other acquisition of works of art that are suitable for public display.
  • To pursue all means of funding to purchase, promote and commission works of art.
  • To work in cooperation with other public agencies and private individuals to promote art awareness.

Commission Members
Sarah Moore, Chair
Todd Richmond, Co-Chair
Sandy Smith, Member
Sondie Reiff, Member
Carol Klein, Member
Susan Johnson, Member
Monique Vidal, Member
Ann Harris, Member

Laurie Lindberg, Town Staff Liaison
Marty Silverstein, Board of Trustee Liaison
If you have questions about the Agendas or Minutes, or would like to apply to be a member of the Public Arts Commission, please email Angie Sprang at
One Percent for the Arts Program

In 2005, the Town of Carbondale passed a resolution (2005-14) creating a One Percent for the Arts program. 

The town's intent was:

  • to enhance the aesthetic environment of its public spaces, buildings, and property by integrating high quality urban design and art into its capital improvements projects.

  • to create a more visually pleasing environment and expand the opportunities for residents and visitors to experience quality works of art by facilitating the acquisition, display, and develpoment of such works of art in public places.

This ordinance authorizes the allocation of funds for art in the construction of certain town capital improvements projects, establishes a method of calculating art appropriations for town capital projects, provides for an art selection process, and establishes a separate "1% for the arts fund".