Carbondale Emergency Task Force

Parks & Recreation Commission
The Carbondale Parks & Recreation Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Board of Trustees in all matters pertaining to parks and recreation. The commission:
  • Reviews the preliminary budget prepared by the Recreation Director and provide input as needed before submission to the Town Manager and Board of Trustees
  • Assists in the planning of a recreation program for the inhabitants of the Town and surrounding area, promote and stimulate public interest therein, and to that end, solicit to the fullest extent possible the cooperation of the school authorities and other public and private agencies interested therein
  • Advises the Board of Trustees with respect to the acceptance of money, personal property, or real estate donated or offered to the Town for recreational or park purposes
  • Creates and recommends to the Board of Trustees for approval of parks and recreation master plan and review such plan annually prior to the budget process for the purposes of updating the contents
  • Reviews all proposed subdivision plats for conformance with the parks and recreation plan and make suggestions and recommendations to the Board of Trustees with respect to the conformance of proposed park and open space improvements contained in such plats to the Town's standards.
  • Offers recommendations to the Town Manager and Board of Trustees for selection of the Parks and Recreation Director.
Resolution Establishing the Parks & Recreation Commission

Commission Members
Hollis Sutherland, Chair
Rose Rossello, Vice Chair
Ashley Hejtmanek, Member
Becky Moller, Member
Kathleen Wanatowicz, Member
John S. Williams, Member 
Genevieve Villamizar, Member
Tracy Wilson, Alternate
Luis Yllanes, Board of Trustee Liaison
Eric Brendlinger, Parks & Rec. Director
Jessi Rochel, Community Center & Rec. Programs Manager

If you have questions, or would like to apply to be a member of the Parks & Rec. Commission, please email or 970-510-1248