Bike Pedestrian and Trails Commission


The mission of the Carbondale Bicycle Pedestrian and Trails Commission is to create a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly community. The commission makes recommendations to the Town Board of Trustees that educate, promote, and develop safe and effective programs and infrastructure to encourage bicycle and pedestrian use. 

Bike and pedestrian issues may include ensuring all town policies, plans, codes and programs are updated and implemented to take advantage of every opportunity to create a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly community; educate and develop programs to encourage bicycle and pedestrian transportation; improve the environment and reduce vehicle congestion; educate all road users to share the road and interact safely.

Bike and pedestrian trails use can enhance and promote recreational activities and further contribute the quality of life in the community and improve the health and well being of the population by promoting routine physical activity.

BPTC will establish information programs to promote bike and nonmotorized mobility for all purposes, and to communicate the many benefits of biking and pedestrian trail use to residents and businesses. Educate cyclists of all ages how to ride safely in any area from single-track trails, BMX parks, multi-use trails and congested town streets.

Over the next several months, the Bike, Pedestrian and Trails Commission (BPTC) will be considering the public input gained during October and will be reviewing updated concepts based on this feedback.  The BPTC meets at 6:00 PM on the first Monday of each month.  Agendas are posted on the BPTC page on the Town’s website by the Friday before the Monday meetings.  Everyone who wishes to participate is welcome to attend.  Currently meetings are being held in an in-person/virtual hybrid format and there are instructions on the agenda on how to participate.

Resolution No. 13 Series 2010 Establishing the Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Trails Commission
2019 Town of Carbondale Map with Priority Corridors for Bike and Pedestrian Trails

Commission Members
Ian Edlind, Member
Laurie Loeb, Member
Niki Delson, Member
Michael Gorman, Member
Matt Gworek, Chairperson

Ben Bohmfalk, Board of Trustee Representative
Kevin Schorzman, Town Staff Liasion