Public Works Department

0756 Hwy 133
Carbondale, CO
Hours:  7:00 am - 3:30 pm 
Phone: 970-963-1307
Fax:       970-963-0620

Kevin Schorzman
Public Works Director

Laurie Lindberg
Assistant to the Director
Website Management

Smiley M. Wise
Streets Foreman

Streets Crew:
Carlos Loya Rico
Casey O'Flannery
Jeff Williams
Ryan Meath

Mike Callas

Mike Taylor
Fleet Mechanic

The Public Works Department is responsible for the streets, sidewalks and fleet maintenance for the Town of Carbondale. The Public Works Department also coordinates special event street management, ensures Town streets and public right-of-ways are maintained and safe, and assists with emergency readiness plans. The crew also participates in the Carbondale Public Art Commission program with the installation of sculptures for Art Around Town.

2017 Spring Cleanup Day

Hazardous Waste Day

Smiley & Laurie choosing marble for CPAC sculpture bases, March 2015

Street light outage reporting: If possible, please provide the grid number of the light. The grid numbers are the numbers that identify each light in the field, they are yellow numbers on a black plate nailed to the pole at about eye-level. Receiving the grid number is the best way of repairing the lights out as Xcel has a lot of crews that work during the day, so if we receive the wrong pole number they might fix a light that is working.

The Town of Carbondale has a "Snow and Ice Removal Ordinance". All residents and business owners must remove all snow and ice from public sidewalks within 24 hours of each snow. Do not remove snow from private property to the street or public right-of-way.

Town of Carbondale Snow & Ice Removal Guidelines.

Town of Carbondale Snow Plowing Route Map

A Street Cut Permit application (application is below) is needed for any work to be done in a public right-of-way in the Town of Carbondale. The new application has additional requirements, fees and inspections. A completed application can be emailed to or delivered to Public Works, 0756 Hwy. 133. For additional information, call 970-510-1325.
Please email for snow removal issues, street concerns or other Public Work's issues.

Smiley Wise
Smiley Wise - Streets Supervisor & Artist Mt. Sopris Historical Museum Sopris Sun, April 2017 - Smiley!

2018 FINAL St. Cut Permit App.& Checklist

Ordinance No. 23 - Revisions to Idling Ordinance

Snow Removal Ordinance -17-1998

Town of Carbondale Safety Manual - revised 9-2013 Safety manual for employees