Planning and Land Use Applications

Please note that a pre-application meeting is required for a number of the land use applications.  This must occur prior to submittal of a land use application pursuant to UDC Section 2.3.1.   Also, all development with the exception of a single family residence is required to go through Site Plan Review.  (Some PUDs may be exempt from this requirement.)  

Generic Forms (required for all Planning Department Applications)
Land Use Application (required for ALL land use applications)
Authorization - Electronic Public Hearings

Permits and Miscellaneous Applications
Conditional Use Permit Checklist

Special Use Permit Checklist

Sign Permit Checklist

Fence Permit
At a minimum, please include a site plan that shows the planned location of the fence, height of the fence, and a picture/description of the proposed fencing material.

Change of Address Application

Home Occupation Checklist