Projects Under Review

Carbondale Aquatics Center
A public hearing will be held before the Carbondale Planning and Zoning Commission at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 11, 2024, for the purpose of considering a combined application for Rezoning, Administrative Site Plan Review, and Alternative Compliance to allow the redevelopment of the Carbondale Aquatics Center. 

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Land Use Application 24-000006: Rezoning
Land Use Application 24-000007: Administrative Site Plan Review

The Carbondale Aquatics Center is applying for rezoning  from Open Space (O) to Public Facilities (PF) to bring the existing use into compliance with an appropriate zoning district that fits with the current and future use of the site for the community pool.   The applicant is also seeking a Site Plan Review with an Alternative Compliance request  for a six foot, decorative, non-climbable fence at the pedestrian entrance at the corner of 7th and Main Streets.

Land Use Application
Carbondale Aquatics Center Project Application
Carbondale Historic Preservation Commission Presentation


carbondale and rural fire protection district
An administrative site plan review land use application has been submitted to the planning department for review.

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Land Use Application 24-000011: Administrative Site Plan Review

The application proposes an addition to existing fire station apparatus bays.

Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District Land Use Application

ANB Bank Mixed Use Building
approved by the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.
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Land Use Application 22-000027: Major Site Plan Review
Land Use Application 22-000028: Rezoning
Land Use Application 23-000014: Conditional Use Permit

This application proposes a mixed-use building with approximately 10,000 square feet for the bank, approximately 10,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 16 dwelling units and 74 parking spaces.

ANB Bank Project Application:
  Project Narrative
Exhibit A Land Use Application Form
Exhibit B Pre-Application Conference Summary
Exhibit C Owner Authorization Letter
Exhibit D Adjoining Zoning & Neighboring Property - Mineral Estate Owners
Exhibit E Community Outreach Summary
Exhibit F Engineering Report & Drawings
Exhibit G Floor Plans, Building Elevations, Sample Material Board & Renderings
Exhibit H Landscape Plan
Exhibit I Lighting Plan
Exhibit J Subsoil Study
Exhibit K Title Commitment & Warranty Deed
Exhibit L Signage Package
Exhibit M Energy Analysis
Exhibit N Completion Response Letter and Completion Checklists
Exhibit O Compliance Response Letter and Exhibits