What will the Short-term Rental Tax revenues collected by the Town of Carbondale be used for?

When do I need to start collecting Short-term Rental Tax?

How much is the short-term rental tax?

An online company, such as AirBNB, HomeAway, or Avalara manages my bookings.  Have they been notified of this tax and are they collecting it?

Some of my clients have prebooked the short-term rental that have not been charged the short-term rental tax.  How is that handled?

When are my taxes due?

How often do I report/remit sales taxes?

If I have no tax liability, do I still need to file a tax return?

What happens if I do not file a return?

How do I apply for a Short-term Rental Tax license?

What happens if I do not file on time?

Where do I file tax returns online?

Is a postmark of the 20th acceptable as proof of the mailing date?

What is the definition of a "short-term rental"?