Energy Efficiency

Creating a strong economy with clean energy:

The Town of Carbondale citizens, led by CORE and the Environmental Board, created the “Energy and Climate Protection Plan”, which outlines steps for the town to significantly reduce emissions, become more energy independent, and strengthen the economy in the process. CARE link for reduced water usage options.

This plan provides a broad, long-term vision, as well as intermediate steps for attaining these goals. It is founded on input from over an additional 150 community members. The Carbondale Environmental Board is composed of experts in the energy industry as well as several elected town officials. The plan will evolve. The Energy and Climate Protection Plan lays the framework and steps to significantly improve the Town’s carbon footprint.

Energy, Economic & Climate Protection Goals:

Around the country communities are selecting emissions goals to spur and guide climate protection efforts. Emissions reductions goals are an evolving science. We have based our emissions goals on what other active climate protection cities and corporations are doing. Goals will be refined as implementation of the plan moves forward. In addition to emissions goals our plan includes more qualitative goals.

  • Reduce emissions directly attributable to Town facilities and Town operations by 25% by 2010 through increasing energy efficiency in all buildings and operation, and increasing the percentage of renewables.
  • Reduce community-wide CO emissions by 25% below our 2004 base year by 2012.
  • Turn emissions reduction efforts into an economic advantage by reducing household, business, and local government energy bills; keeping more money currently spent on energy flowing in the local economy; and investing in existing jobs/creating new jobs tied to sustainable energy.
  • Leverage community investments to obtain 25-50% of non-community funds or significant investment returns to create the new economic activity, through installations of renewable energy production on municipal facilities, homes and businesses.
  • Obtain at least 30% of our energy for heating & electricity from renewable sources by 2015.
  • Develop a resource-efficient building ethic in Carbondale to serve as a model for other communities.

EV and PHEV Information:

EVSE: An Overview For Electricians  |  Community Readiness for Electric Vehicles


Cutting Energy by about 30% at Carbondale's wastewater treatment plant. (see 2nd article)

Third Street Center building retrofit made the most of sustainable design, materials and technology.

Carbondale Recreation Center is the world's first LEED Platinum-certified recreation center.

Links to the online tracking tool, created by CLEER through the Garfield Energy Navigator.






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